Hearing Hard

Assyria the rod of His anger
and the wicked the point of His sword
Babylon a burning and rancor
is the fury and wrath of the Lord

The nations are tools for Justice
as the saw and the axe in the hand
they work and they move to remind us
It’s the LORD not the name of the land

Not our armies, our riches, our wisdom
Not our banks, or our business or might
not even our laws or our freedom
not our courts or the Bill of our Rights

each soul was made for God’s glory
and so too the day and the night
and God is the Judge and the Jury
Who measures what’s wrong and what’s right

Nations for rising and falling
like the waves in the ocean and sea
listen Oh man, Christ is calling
His Word still today, “Follow me.”

Not the drumbeat of armies or nations
great notions of riches and fame
but whatever your race or your station
live only to honor Christ’s Name

Temples are shadows and symbols
God lives not in things made by man
and life without love brass and cymbals
Faith, Hope and Love is God’s plan

God speaks through the heavens and rainbows
through our loved ones and friends here below
through the ant and the deer in the meadows
but often He speaks through our foes  -id


Ingimar DeRidder












Copyright 2010 id,  All Rights Reserved.