On one side was love that smiled at me with grace
On the other was the Holy- from which I hid my face
And I betwixt these two, stood helpless
in an ever awful desperate space

God's truth and holiness condemned me cold
From the law, there was from it no hiding
A slave to sin I was then bought and sold
And on into Hell my soul was sliding

Justice rose up with fiery sword in hand
Then Love stood on the shore of Beulah land
A gulf between the two- so far the other side
But then, behold- a cross spanned the cavern wide

With one he took hold of justice
and with the other Mercy grasped
He cried out in anguish and then he gasped
His voice rang out, "Father forgive" he cried
The Son of God for me reached out, and died

Ah, then He rose and towered over hell
And took death by its neck, that poisoned thing
And I got up from the place from which I fell
In Grace  I bowed before my conquering King


Ingimar DeRidder