There were times kings went to war
and knew what they were fighting for
But David tarried high within
the  city of Jerusalem

In twilight spied a Hittite’s beauty
and there forgot both faith and duty
Dark the night  God’s hero fell
and opened up the gates of hell
found in sin a season’s pleasure
at cost he did not stop to measure
Nor think of all the tears he’d shed
or broken hearts and all the dead

But once he opened Uriah’s box
David set loose both a snake and fox
that ran and slithered through the palace
and filled with gall the golden chalice

Be not deceived, God is not mocked
Kings and Priests by sin defrocked
As farmers reap the seeds they’ve sown
and mothers birth their flesh and bone

One awful sin leads to another
till David killed his friend and brother
and wept aloud in Fifty-One
when he considered what he’d done

Then years later a Greater King
when kings went forth to war
on the cross took serpent sting
paid David’s sin and more

If David, once God’s shepherd boy
could speak to would be kings
I think he’d say “Don’t trade your joy”
or Christ for worldly things- id











Copyright 2006 id,  All Rights Reserved.