Eight Bells Passing

Eight Bells sprang like a lightning bolt
but was startled at the gate
A thunderous crowd caused the colt
to jolt, pull up and hesitate

Courageous she recovered
and boldly charged the field
showed her hind hooves to the mares
but from the gate her fate was sealed

High the jockey’s whip did flail
thousands watched this sport of Kings
down the stretch the creature sailed
not for gold that winning brings

She giving all- not holding back
full of passion and desire
the filly flew hard down the track
coming second at the wire

but to the world it was unknown
she raced that race with broken bone
and there collapsed at Churchill Downs
to end men’s dreams of Triple Crowns

For her no hope to run again
she did the best she could
she had more grace then many men
and I am sure she was far more good

                             Ingimar DeRidder

A three-year old throughbred, raced on broken legs, came in second, and had to be put down on the track in 2008.







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