The Gall of Golgotha

Bear Bile and gall
and all the bitter things,
germ infested foam,
fangs and spider stings,
ground into a powder
poured and mixed with wrath
no evil poisoned chowder
is worse than what sin hath

it’ sharp and sour vintage
a burning boiling stew
no witch’s  pot of iron
held such a deadly brew

What awful dregs did fill that cup
our Savior had to drink
when on the cross  t’was lifted up
in shame we dare not think

Yet drink He did that awful day
the dregs, the drought and all
to save - there was no other way
no other name but His to  call

If it be possible let this cup
Dear Father please pass from me
so He prayed after he had supped
then went out and died for thee








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