Two Sides

Mortal on His motherís side,
Jesus, the son of Mary
Eternal  on His Fatherís side
On earth He could grow weary

On one side, Never slumbers
On one side He never sleeps.
Here, wonder of all wonders:
in Her arms God Mary keeps

Both sides, Friend of Sinners
Both the Giver and the Gift
of  Lost men He makes winners
on  the Cross He bridged the rift

He suffered on His Motherís side
that we might live forever
and with the Father to abide
on both sides Heís the treasure

He cried out to the Fatherís side
Down here He was forsaken
On our side,  the Savior died
so on both sides weíd  awaken

On one side, He left an empty tomb
and  the evil curse was broken
On the other side, prepared a room
The Word of God  has Spoken









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