The Basin


Into the upper room they came to break the memorial bread.

In just one day their dreams destroyed and their master would be dead.

And although the time was short, and the hour very late,

the twelve could only argue about which one of them was great.

None of the twelve sought to take the humble servant's place,

and so they ate with dusty feet and presumed upon God's grace.

So our Lord then took the basin, and a towel 'round him gird.

he stooped to do what they would not, and taught them with his word.

"Ye call me master, and so I am," but learn from me this night,

"this is the way to greatness and don't forget this sight."

And so the Lord of glory bent down so very low

and washed away the dirt and pride, and humility did show.

So remember, too, the basin, when cup and bread you see;

and show love to one another, and true humility.

Ingimar DeRidder