No! Not in the religion, nor in the robes and creeds

Spiritual life and vision is found in works and deeds

No! Godís not in religion, but in the good we do

Heís in the Good Samaritan and also in the Jew

Heís in the kindness that we show, and in the helping hand

Not just in all the things we know, or things we understand

Faith and hope are powerful and are given from above

But most of all most wonderful, God is in the love


Where is God in sorrow?  Where is God in Pain? 

Where is God  in suffering? God always is the same. 

God is in the love we give.  He is in the good we do. 

God is in the life He gives.  Godís  in me, and  you. 

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see Him near.

Heís in the whole and every part, and when we hurt Heís there. 

God is in the gratitude, and He inhabits praise.

He is there throughout the night as well as through the days.

God is omnipresent, but most of all Heís where Ė

the contrite soul will welcome Him and will call His name in prayer. 

In  Jesus Christ the greatest gift,  God teaches us to give

To save us Godís Son came to die, and teach us how to live








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