One from Salem and one from Sodom

Face to face these ancient kings

One from highest, one from bottom

Each to us a lesson brings.

And Abraham who went to war

To save his kindred and his kin

Spoils he carried back and more

Teaching all the woes of sin.

A Father looking for a city

Whose Makerís from  above

Takes the time to care and pity

puts to work a heart of love.

Then too there is Melchizedek

With no beginning and no end

Speaks of one who can protect

And is the sinnerís friend

But these are types and shadows

Of greater things to come

Pointing fingers,  painted arrows

Showing Christ, Godís  Son

lamb once slain, and shorn the fleece

King of Kings and Prince of Peace

When He must, He went to war

To die for sin, what He came for

Yet Won the battle of the kings

Yes. This is why my spirit sings

He brings my soul to Salem Place

and saves this sinnerís soul by grace






































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