Spiritually Discerned

Sometimes my mind seemed quick
My thoughts were fast and nimble
More often times, were slow and ďthickĒ
Where I needed pail I found a thimble
The water wet and well was just as deep
But my mind a sieve and could not keep
Or hold the very thing I needed most
Godís word - filled with Holy Ghost
My spirit dry, my mind too dull to teach
I could not grasp or understand
The meaning of the thing -just out of reach

Then a bush began to burn
This simpleton began to learn
One cloud lifted, another glory cloud appeared
Scales fell from my eyes and my vision cleared
There it was, and there, so plain to see
Hid forever, had not sight been given me
Godís finger became a plow, my heart a field
Every time He broke the earth it hurt, but I was also healed
Each word I found to be a living seed
Pregnant with hope for all the very things I need
Then up to Sinaiís fire to fall and worship at His Name
Both faith and fear drew near the ever burning Flame
Then after law with all its burning fire
Grace protected me and took me higher
Next up to cooler peaks and on to Neboís heights
Out in the distance the cross and also heavenís lights
Both were mine and both were clear as day
One my eternal home and the other was the way





























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