War Games

Playing with leaden soldiers is a children’s game
One hides behind a spool of thread and takes careful aim
Pow, pow sounds the report of little rifles fired
A flick of the finger lays down the enemy to retire
Tat,tat,tat machine gun on top of tobacco tin
Prince Albert’s spice fills the air as heroes win
One by one some fall and die, or so they seem
Plastic soldier, rubber sailor, and marine
This day, good triumphs over evil, Jap, and sin.
Brave and fearless fight all these troops of tin
Boom, Boom, artillery pounds
Then suddenly from the kitchen, other sounds
A firm but loving voice of Mother from afar
Quickly- friend and foe fill up the same glass jar
All is tidied, there is no blood, no gore
After supper, perhaps we’ll play once more.






















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