You may not need a president, prophet , priest or king

But if you want a choir, you need someone who can sing

If preaching is the thing you want, I hope you have a preacher

If you must teach your bird to fly, you’ve got some other creature

God has gifted every church with things that edify

An eye cannot “hear” anything,  even if it try

Every member has his place and if used as God intended

Each a minister of grace and each servant is commended

Not every one’s a preacher, not everyone can sing

And sometimes it is painful when a sour note men bring

Not all can play piano well, not all can plow a field

Don’t call the thing an orange, when it’s an onion you have peeled

Every saint can testify to what they’ve seen and heard

But if a turtle flap his wings he still not be a bird

Your friends may flatter, and with praises fill,

call you a Graham or a Spurgeon

But watch them flee the hospital

Should you announce you are their surgeon.




































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