The Least, the Last and the Lost

Jesus came for these.

He came for those we count as naught

He hears their cries and pleas.

The stranger, foe, the alien

that we pass on the road

are the ones most dear to Him

He bears their grief and load.

As men are striving to be first

and the greatest over all-

Kings and lords and presidents

Itís the lowly He will call.

They the ones who hear His voice

who hunger and who thirst,

they the ones who make the choice

The Last who will be  first.

The lost- whom Jesus  loves the most

and the ones He  came to save,

leaving home and heavenly host

for the cross, it's death and grave.

Be sure, itís those we count the "least"

for whom He is most tender-

Becomes their sacrifice and priest,

Risen Lord and their defender.



The Least
































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