A Little Lesson

A little lower than the angels
The Son of man was wingless
Though He was rich, for our sakes poor
He was penniless and "thing-less"
Pilate thought Him powerless
Though He alone held power
He kept the angelís swords at bay
Lest we perish in that hour.
He was much, much more, in less
and wants to give us more.
He came to heal, to save, to bless
to open Heavenís door.
He wandered through this world of homes
Himself as much as homeless,
and asked that we would follow Him
to trust Him more and roam less.
On the cross He shed His blood
Forsaken, Friendless, Lifeless
To give His life --what He came for,
and what He did was priceless.
But of all the lessons, more or less
One stands above as timeless
The sinless, spotless Son of God
made more of "less" to find us







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