He made the earth and holds all things together
He knows what rain is worth ,
and so He made the weather.
The hills are His and all the gold and cattle.
All we have, He gives. He wins the war and battle.
He made all things that are:
The jet black space, the star,
Everest, a steeple as much as peak,
and we the people, we were made to seek.
To leave the shore and sail the ocean deep,
we were made to climb, to dig into the mine,
to search the forest, field and glade,
to study all the things God made,
to peer into the deeper things,
to marvel at a birdís or angelís wings.
But more than fire, hail and thunder,
wind on water, or life down under,
He made the stars of awesome burning fire
as bushes in the wilderness of space
to lift our thoughts much higher.
We were made to find and worship Him,
and in faith become Christís next of kin,
to love the Father and the Son
and by the Love of God and Spirit
all be one.







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