Keeping Christmas

Twas the night after Christmas and all through the mall
All that was left -- merchants counting their haul.
Out with the Old Santa, gone is Saint Nick,
the Spirit of Christmas, cut to the quick.
Forget about wise men, mangers and such.
Here come the Accountants, asking “How much?”
Instead of their asking, “What did we learn?”
They push aside Jesus and ask, “What did we earn?”
The world’s ‘done’ with Christmas, Magi and Kings,
out from the stockroom - Saint Valentine’s things.
Gone are the shepherds and angels above,
singing in ‘Joy to the World’  joy for God’s love.
But for those who in faith have taken God’s Son,
the Gift for all Ages, it has only begun,
for the Spirit of Christmas, Who comes with new birth
brings peace, love, and joy, and a measureless worth.








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