Is evil necessary for good to be good?
Is darkness needed for light?
How then is the truth to be understood,
If the day doesn’t follow the night?
If no one was poor and no one had need,
how could we all, then learn to give?
Or virtue arise and recognize greed,
or teach little children, by giving we live?

What if your brain never felt pain,
or what “dry” was before you had thirst,
or what to call “stable,” or what is “insane,”
but by comparing what’s better or worst?
There are many things, I confess I don’t know
Nor do I know all the ins and the outs.
By faith I know some things, in faith I must grow
But my faith’s not afraid of my doubts

Of this, I am sure, that God is above
and in Him, is no shadow of turning.
He is the Truth, Life, Light and Love,
and as long as I live, I am learning .







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