I kneel

Lord, I kneel because I know
to thee, for everything I owe
gratitude and thanksgiving.

For every single breath I take
and every penny that I make
and for each day Iím living.

Lord, I kneel because I feel
my greatest need is Thee,
and in my prayer I do appeal

that every day Iíll see
Thy presence more the real,
Thy Glory Cloud in front of me.

Lord, I bow a worthless thing-
unless thy love and Spirit bring
the grace I need each day.

Now I kneel before Thee, King,
to join with angels as they sing.
For I am helpless till I pray

Lord, I kneel because I need
To know Thy will and way
And ask for help in every deed

to fulfill all things You say
Iíll gladly take Thy Word as seed
to sow in some life today.

                                      - id






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