Three men set out to find the truth
one tall, one short, one lean.
One was pious, one uncouth
and one was hard and mean.

Each began this search of man
from different points of view;
each pledged to do the best they can,
and as they went, they grew

As they went they shed the weight
of preconceived ideas,
of what they used to love and hate,
laid open all their fears.

They each pressed to the rising
of the light that rose each day,
and never once surmising
too hard or high the way.

Called “fools” by everyone at first
when they left hearth and home,
these fools had each an inner thirst
that seemed to make them roam

Three fools were joined together
by now, they all were kings,
And wise men (all the better)
at a manger laid their things








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