Enjoy Life

Not if, or when, but now!
Gone the frown, the furrowed brow
Today rejoice, don’t wait
to laugh, to smile, to sing.
to Celebrate
to Give God thanks for everything

Do not hold back the praise
for success or perfect days.
Don’t wait till everything is right,
for “this,” or “that” or early morning’s light

The darkened jail or prison cell
is closer to heaven than saint can tell
And God can never love you more
for love is what He made you for;
nor will He ever love you less;
He wants’ to give, He wants to bless.

There never was a better time
To squeeze the grape and drink the wine
Or dip your cup into the fount
or one by one, God’s blessings count.









Copyright ©2005 id,  All Rights Reserved.