Beaten within an inch of death
‘twas hard to even catch His breath
Stumbling for that final mile
In this sinful world so vile

Limping on through the narrow street
The Way of Sorrows felt His feet
Step by step, so on He pressed
There to meet His final test

Crowds that once had come to cheer
Came this time to mock and jeer
And watch as One would go to die
After they had shouted “Crucify”

Beaten, weary crowned with thorns
Grace and beauty still adorns
The Christ of God for sinners slain
For this one day the Savior came

Cruelly driven spike and nail
Would make others cry and wail
Sinful men would curse and swear
But Christ invokes a final prayer

Father forgive them He would say
They know not what they do
This is proof they lost their way
My death can make them new














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