I Thirst

It's hard for us to swallow,
to watch Christ as if cursed,
and see the One we follow
speak the words “I thirst.”

So dry and arid ending
to the “Last” and to the “First”
When greater things intending
Seems coming to the worst

He who spoke of water
to the woman at the well,
and rescued one poor daughter
from the realms of burning Hell

Should now Himself be dying
His gentle lips so parched,
no moisture left for crying,
to do God’s will He marched

No water for this well to drink
Himself the world’s Creator;
Oh, may every sinner think
now sooner more than later

In Hell there is no water,
not a single drop for tongue.
Thirst for Christ or you do err,
Please now drink by faith, God’s Son













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