Christmas Savors

The smell of Pine at Christmas time
and a waft of Candy Cane
Stirs emotions so sublime
and memories in my brain

The kitchen air of gingerbread
My aproned-mother there,
Fresh winter air to clear my head
A toast with Christmas cheer

Funny how a simple whiff
We thought we’ve long forgotten
Awakes with just a little sniff
That tree in drifts of cotton

Rice pudding spiced with cinnamon
An Almond somewhere hiding
And smelling oil of Tannenbaum
Our hopes and dreams confiding

A sweeter savor I have found
And it the so much better
Than spice which wisemen manger bound
Came the giver and the getter

Christ’s life was one of Sacrifice
To God no sweeter savor
And His one death, alone suffice
And He the only Savior

As smell of burning Frankincense
He brought the Father pleasure
From His birth and ever since
He is the Christmas Treasure








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