Hello God, itís me

Shalom and Salutations
Hello Dear God, itís me
If you have a minute
I need to talk to Thee

I know Youíre very busy
But itís such a little prayer
And I really hate to bother You
But Iíve made a mess down here

I should have done a mitzvah
For I know that You know best
You know that thing I should have done?
Oy, Of course, You know the rest!

Again itís Rosh HaShanna
One more year is gone
And now about those things, You know
those things I have done wrong

Oh Thou God of Abraham,
Of Isaac, Jacob too
I know You have a blessed plan
And for this You made the Jew

But if You would forgive me
And cast into the sea
My sin, the foolish things I said,
And my stupidity

I know that You are Merciful
And for us thatís ďsuch a dealĒ
You are also Just and Holy
so for mercy I appeal

I would be so very grateful
And try to better be
And with Your help be faithful
But Oy God, You know me.









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