Last night I dreamed I woke up dead
And thought of all the things I read
And all the words that people said
about this life and that to come

There I saw a golden throne
An air of judgment set the tone
I felt that I was all alone
To give account for all Iíve done

I pleaded guilty as was charged
A list of sins grew and enlarged
Into the court a demon barged
Pointed and said "he is the one"

Most of what he said was true
I was a sinner through and through
There was nothing that I could do
By this I should have been undone

I pointed to a cross below
The imp that spoke said he must go
I softly mentioned "crimson flow"
And thanked God for the Only Son

I fully knew and understood
That only Christ alone was good
amazed, for me, to die He would
And by His death the battle won

We looked in vain for sins just spoken
It seems that Satanís claims were broken
Replaced by cup and bread a token
As for my sin, there now was none

I rubbed the slumber from my eyes
Took Godís word as if a prize
A well of Truth that holds no lies
and drank before the day begun




















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