Making Headway

Heaven and Hell is between your ears
And there is born your faith or fears
This does not mean they are not real
Or truth is only what you feel

It means that God who made the Soul
Ordained that thoughts would play a role
In shaping life with sharp ideas
As all are artists, all are seers

For what we see is what we paint
While one chose devil, one chose saint.
Search the Scripture and you’ll find
We are transformed within the mind

Watch what words should enter in
For they shall soon their work begin
And spin or weave with silken thread
The joy or sorrow in your head.

Before a pen nib touches page
A thought is formed or mind engaged
Long before some work is done
An idea rises like the sun

Whatsoever word is pure,
Just or lovely is the cure
For sickly thoughts and darker ways
And offers hope for better days

Where the Logos is the King
Lord of mind and everything
Heaven does to faith appear,
and faith knows it is almost there.










Copyright ©2005 idr ,  All Rights Reserved.