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Around two thousand years ago all creation held it’s breath.
Angels couldn’t believe their eyes as they  witnessed Jesus death.
All nature groaned, the planet moaned as Jesus bowed his head.
The Roman soldiers thrust in their spear to make sure he was dead.
A supporter from Araimathea offered up his tomb
Tears ran down his mother’s face; the air was thick with gloom
they placed the body hastily and hurried home in silence
they found it hard to find the words to describe the cross’s violence.
Then hid in huddles behind closed doors in unbelief and fears
Were startled at every sound and knock, or a step heard on the stairs
Little did these disciples know as they sat alone in mourning,
that Jesus Christ was on His way as the new born day was dawning
Angels rolled the stone away to show the world a wonder
an empty tomb, sin’s debt was paid, and he tore deaths chains asunder. -id