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White dove down-
A fallen broken thing.
Confused the angels all around
for bloody was the king.

How goes the war, asked David
as if he really cared.
Seems he was preoccupied,
exposure what he feared

Uriah thought he was his lord,
and would gladly give his life;
defend the kingdom with his sword,
but this King, he took his wife

He asked, how goes the battle?
as good men went to war.
David’s Songs, just prattle-
the rich stole from the poor.

What he wanted power took,
and held her in embrace.
And with a kiss the Kingdom shook,
an angel fell from grace.

Then he wrote with his own hand
in blood to his own shame,
to his General in command,
and then he signed his name.

Uriah went unwittingly
reporting to the field.
Trust found instability,
Uriah’s fate was sealed.

At the moment suddenly
the man was all alone.
Rocks rained down in infamy
his last thought: wife and home.

David had his lover
and still the crown of gold,
but golden crowns can’t cover,
buy back what sin had sold

Let he who thinks he stands
take heed now, lest he fall
read these words and understand
truth sometimes is gall.

True that Christ has risen
and by His stripes we’re healed
and free from Satan’s prison,
but as saints still in the field.

True again a bird may fly
when heals the broken wing
but not as fast and not as high
and never quite the king.  -id