Still the sky before the storm
as Jesus knelt in prayer,
Clouds of judgment begin to form
the day of wrath draws near.

‘Not my will, but Thine be done’
Christ sweats great drops of blood.
The promised hour now had come
and trouble like a flood.

The traitor led the pack of wolves
and closed in on the Lamb.
The trap is sprung as Satan pulls
the cord designed by man.

The angry mob leads Christ away
to stand before the dock.
The charges fail and quickly fray;
so with nothing left, they mock.

Truth stands tall with dignity,
then is on the cross impaled.
Sin’s malice and malignancy
pour out on him- but fails

The storm had past, the seed was cast,
the greatest life He gave.
His promise kept, the First the Last,
then He rose up from the grave.

                                ngimar DeRidder                   






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