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Once Spoken


Eternal Word
(John 10:35)
Some prayed hard for a miracle
as when Jehovah parts the sea
or evidence empirical
might the Romans set him free?

Down from the cross Christ lifeless
the world stood on its head
seemed what was lost was priceless
and man’s last hope was dead

And Large and Heavy was the stone
that sealed the Savior’s tomb
Believers feeling lost, alone
with a numbing sense of doom

Although he often spoke to them
like them we fail to hear
His promises like “I’ll rise again.”
or perfect love shall cast out fear.

Once he gave the world his word
no force on earth could stay
what on the week’s first day occurred
Christ arose on Easter day.

He left this world, but left his word
and from death is faith awoken
I too was deaf until I heard
the Scripture can’t be broken -id