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Magnum Opus

Before the word rolled off God’s tongue
A photon began to glow
And from that light he made a sun
And he said “look out below!”

He dropped that burning ember
Into the great black pond called space
like a lightning bug in amber
Then he filled that light with grace

And next he made another light
then a billion-billion more
Like a campfire’s sparks flying in the night
He packed together to make Earth’s core.

Next from a grain of stardust,
God made mountains and the seas
Plants for what comes next a must
each made with wisdom if you please

Living things with flapping wings
And fish to fill the deep
And every single thing God brings
is made for man to keep

But made in his own image
For a very special role
Without fur or feathered plumage
God made man a living soul. -id