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Oh the pain of rooster sound
A horn of horror blowing
The sin the servant Peter found
the truth was painful knowing

He went from brave to broken heart
From heights to depths in hours
And found his boasting fell apart
Before the darkest powers

He who had walked upon the sea
And saw God’s wonders in it
Failed in what he hoped to be
before he could begin it

We see him by the fire
With those who mocked the Master
His conscience called him liar
A sheep who killed his pastor

It could not wait till sunrise
The cock must crow in darkness
To itself a strange surprise
It startles still in starkness

His own words were not kept
In grace, there is no boasting
So this disciple wept
And we this warning posting

Tis Christ alone, and only Him
His Word is never broken
He alone can save from sin
When a conscience is awoken.