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Christmas Eve


'Twas the night before Christmas

When all through the city

Children were wide eyed, laughing and giddy


Holly and mistletoe, trees decked and glowing

The City was quiet: it just started snowing


The merchants were  happy their registers full

Then the gratings of iron came down with a pull


The last minute shoppers hurried back home

They found what they wanted, but through the city did comb

In search of that something, a real special gift

For a real special person to give him a lift.


The hustle and bustle and holiday cheer,

The parties and programs are not always clear-

In proclaiming the purpose and cause of the season.

Has anyone stopped to remember the reason?


The Avenues empty. The traffic all gone.

The Believers had gathered to sing a sweet song.


A song about Jesus born long ago

Laid in a manger on Earth here below


The  Inn was too crowded,

There just was no room;

But the world was too shrouded

And hearts filled with doom.


So God came to rescue

And save man from sin

To prove his compassion

To seek and to win


First as a baby

There in the hay.

The sky filled with Angels,

The star led the way


But Christmas is more than Joy in the Sky

It's God, Christ our Savior

Come here to die


The gifts of the Wisemen, a prophecy told:

The worth of a soul is more precious than Gold.

Frankincense filled and perfumed the air,

Speaking of life, love, work, and prayer.

The Myrrh spoke of dying alone on the cross

To deliver the sinner from eternal loss


The Angels told Shepherds, "there's nothing to fear"

For born in a stable is proof of God's care


So in this great city where the church stands apart

And Believers now worship and open their heart

Carols of Joy and candles bright light

We remember our Savior- Born this Holy Night


ID/ NYC '86