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BlessedHands- by Ingimar DeRidder sung by J. Rowland and Cecil Hughes


Most Moving Sight in Heaven 


Although I'm told the streets of Gold

Will be a sight to see

And Jasper walls and gates of pearl

Stood from eternity

There is one thing that moves my heart

That means the most to me

of all the things in heaven

in this the greatest glory be


I'll look for thee Lord Jesus

No longer on that tree

But on the throne of Glory

and I'll in thy presence be

Not because your mighty hand

made Sun, and moon, and stars

But there I'll be forever for your hands

for me bare scars.


One day I'll leave this world behind

And cross the crystal sea

Of all the wonders there we'll find

None can compare to thee

It's not the saints and angels

That will occupy my eye

But when I see those blessed hands

In Joy I'll bow and cry


Blessed hands, Lord Jesus

Reached out to rescue me

Blessed hands Lord Jesus

scarred in love to set me free