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Beware the Bigot

A bigot is a person who claims to speak for God
and holds to a position that is both cold and hard
they often claim they have a verse
and on it they are leaning
and to really make the matter worse
They’ve no idea the meaning.

The God who made the universe
is righteous, pure and holy
Kind and good, not the reverse
not judgment and wrath solely.
He The Judge keeps good accounts
and to Him, all men must answer
woe to those who truth discounts
unbelief is worse than cancer

He who’s really saved by grace
is humbled, contrite, gracious.
His once bad heart, is new, not base,
enlarged, and clean, and spacious.
He warns of danger because he’s found
that lightning comes with thunder
grateful he was saved, not drowned
tries to lift souls, not push them under.  -id