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Belated Christmas Present

We bow before Your Holy Name
And celebrate this day You came
As wise men bowed before You, King
Dear Lord accept this song we sing

Just what I always wanted
Of all the presents Lord
You are the Christmas presence
The poor could not afford

Welcome Oh Holy Presence
A King in swaddling clothes
Though we unworthy peasants
You cared about our souls

You came from High in Glory
To such a lowly place
And with Your Christmas Presence
You brought Your saving Grace

Just what I always wanted
Though I could not find the words
And just what I always needed
Your voice the best I’ve heard

You came to die and save us
And pay the price for sin
The greatest gift God gave us
Is Your presence now within

Welcome oh Holy Presence
Oh gift of God, Divine
With Gold, and Myrrh, and Frankincense
accept this heart of mine.