Truth is not a thing. Truth is a Person. This is hard for most to believe, but it is true. One day every “thing” will fall at his feet. Each “thing” will be held to the standard of truth. Everything that is not true is not true to itself, to its purpose, to what it was meant to be. If a thing fails to be what it was intended to be, it is not true. Pilate, the political animal that he was, asked Jesus, "What is truth?" No one knows more than the politician that truth is not the standard in this world. Pollsters make surveys and play with the numbers of popular opinion. Barabbas is the answer of the mob. That was truth enough for Pontus Pilate. What time is it? That depends on where you are in relation to the sun. It is one time in California and another time in London. Today we measure by daylight savings time and tomorrow perhaps something else.

One could sift through the ashes of crematorium in Trablinka and try in vain to find the truth. One could examine the rubble of a Palestinian refuge camp, listen to the angry charges and counter charges and never know the truth. The fuse of the bomb that explodes today could have been lit a hundred years ago, and the harvest that is reaped tomorrow could have been sown four generations ago. Only one can and will sort it all out one day. Judgment day will be a day of truth. It will be a day of light.

No one and no thing in this world can be held up to this light and not be seen to fall horribly short of its standard. All the evidence points to the fact that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” What an awful day will be the day of truth were it not the day of the God who is good. Jesus challenged the self-righteous hypocrites saying, “he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” There is only one refuge from the glaring light of truth that incinerates everything that is less than it is supposed to be and false. That refuge is the cross. The psalmist said it best, it is the longitude and latitude of eternal life, “Mercy and truth are met together, righteousness and peace have kissed each other.” Ps. 85:10.

Two thousand years ago, they tried to put Truth on a cross and crucify him. Truth was then taken down dead and placed in tomb. Truth lay quietly there in the sepulcher until all was fulfilled, but on the third day rose again. Nothing can kill truth. Truth can be crucified, truth can be crushed, and lies can be deified, but not forever. Truth will rise again like the sun on the morning of an eternal daybreak. When that day dawns there will be no place near for darkness. Jesus is the Truth. Jesus is the Light.