Save the World



 On September 11, 2001 the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center fell.  A cloud of dust rose over the skyline of New York City, and with it the beginning of the end of the world as we know it. 

 On November 11, 2004 Yasser Arafat died in a French Hospital and his death paved the way for providence.  Israel felt it was now time to purchase a form of peace paid for with the currency of religious real estate (the West Bank and Gaza).  On January 6, 2006 Ariel Sharron was felled by a stroke leaving Israel without a strong leader and God’s people once again became sheep without a shepherd. 

 Sharron had attempted to form a well-meaning coalition of calculated compromise in order to find a narrow path to peace through the mine field of Middle Eastern politics. While he lay in a coma, Hamas has been swept into power by an American backed idealism called Democracy.  The crowd has once again chosen Barabbas

 Hamas, which is made up of fanatical Islamic terrorists is hell-bent on Israel’s destruction.  Hamas is allied with Iran which is busy at this moment building an Atomic Bomb.  Iran is an Oil and power-broker being courted by petroleum thirsty Russia and China. Oil is 67 dollars a barrel.   The curtain has just come up.  The characters have walked on stage.  The final act has begun.  We all have tickets to Armageddon. 

 Does this sound crazy?  Does this sound like sandwich-boarded lunacy screaming “Repent” on a city sidewalk?  Maybe.  For a while, let’s forget about the fact that the blush is off the bloom of the American industrial revolution, global warming, a ravaged Gulf Coast, an invasion of illegal aliens, failing schools, and the influenza.  Let’s forget that FORD is folding, the Senate is fighting, and the housing boom is floundering.   Let’s forget that millions of invisible tombstones mark the graves of an aborted generation in a country where Roe v Wade is “settled law.”  Let’s pretend not to notice that the trend-setters think Purple Mountain’s majesty is  really “Brokeback Mountain.”  Let’s just watch what is happening in the Middle-East. 

 Before you dismiss this as hysterical, right wing, lunatic fringe-ism, consider the fact that Jesus warned us of this while on His way to the cross.  The same One who said He would rise again on the third day (and did) and said He will come back to judge the world that rejected Him (and He will), predicted that the global political climate would one day look like it now does. 

  Americans have always believed that “all things are possible.” We have a Manifest Destiny.  It is the heart beat of the American Dream.  We are optimists, we are idealists, we are the citizens of  greatest country in the world.  Those who believe that “nothing is impossible” would do well to quote the text correctly.  The original quote, found in the Bible says “With God, nothing is impossible.”  Take “God” out of the recipe and that cake won’t rise. 

 Perhaps there is still time for the rich young ruler (America) to sell all he has and come and “really” follow Jesus, then again, perhaps not.  The self-righteous rich young ruler went away sorrowing for he had many possessions. Perhaps America has just too much to give up.  Perhaps America is just another failed dispensation and final proof that what Jesus said is true: “Without me, ye can do nothing.” 

The world is choosing sides.  Choose Jesus



* Armageddon is the last and final battle between good and evil on the planes of Meggedo at the end of the age.  We will leave the theater and there will be a 1000
year intermission before the grand fanalie.  I am speaking of Armageddon in the spiritual rather than the historical sense.