Let’s see.  Our borders are porous.  Drugs and illegals are pouring across the Rio Grande at an unprecedented rate.  Criminals are tunneling under and desperados are climbing over our boundaries.  We have allowed our enemies to buy and steal our most sensitive technology.  We have sold a trans-Atlantic telecommunications cable to India as well as  IBM to the Chinese and moved all our factories to Mexico.  Now our government wants to turn over operations of six major sea ports to the United Arab Emeritus.   

 I know it is politically incorrect to profile, but has anyone noticed that the Head of Homeland Security looks like a terrorist?  Is it just me?  How does he get through the airport passenger check?  Is anyone eavesdropping or tapping his phone line?  Was he someone’s roommate in college or prison?  Does anyone remember the movie called “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers?”  If I disappear after writing this, don’t pick up and bean spores you might find in my backyard.  Something strange is going on here.    Has anyone noticed that there are fewer and fewer chickens in the hen house, or noticed any foxes guarding the front gate of the farm?  Yeah, maybe it’s just me, but ever since that hurricane, I have an uncomfortable feeling that nobody knows what they are doing, or even worse, they do.    

 After that storm our leaders looked like deer caught in the headlight as a million people became an American Diaspora of almost Biblical proportions.  It was obvious these children in the wilderness did not have a Moses. Economically, the levee broke with NAFTA which washed away our jobs.  It stripped North Carolina of its Textile Industry and  now CAFTA has been created to pick the bones of the carcass.   

 The Director of Homeland Security said this deal to turn over control of our ports to our “Partners in the War on Terror” is a good idea.  Somebody, pinch me, I might be dreaming.  These are crazy times.  Is Port (er) still a beer?  I remember having one long ago in my heathen days, when McSorley’s Old Ale House in downtown Manhattan was a men’s only drinking establishment.  Yes, when God got me, He got a sinner.  Fortunately our Vice President didn’t kill anyone the other day.  Now that I know better, I think one beer is one beer too many. But again, that's just me.  These are times for sobriety.   I guess it is okay for our leaders to “belt a few” now and then, but could it be that our Government should be checked out by the Olympic Doping Committee. We seem to have an excess of dopes.   I am just a nobody.  None of our leaders care about what I think.  Perhaps worrying about the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” is foolish, perhaps.  A person has to have a lot of “drive” to be elected to positions of high office these days.  I guess some are higher than others.  Who is driving this thing anyway?  Is someone high up there in Washington assigned to be a designated driver. I sure hope so.