Bad Apples?


Don't Blame it on the Apples

Man is still falling, falling for the lie. The sin in Eden does not look like much as far as sin goes. Compared to the sin we see on the evening news, and the awful things men get away with every day, why make such a big deal out of this? Eve took one bite, one little bite out of a fruit. By our legal standards this is barely a misdemeanor, let alone a felony. Why make a federal case out of one little bite? Men still question the seeming severity of the punishment in comparison to the crime. The same Satan who deceived Eve about the seriousness of sin is still at work and fallen, foolish men are forever doubting truth while sinking their teeth into the lie (Jn. 8:44).

"Man is still falling for the lie"

1. We Must Resist the Devil. We Must Resist, and not Assist the Devil. We don't have to be polite to the Devil. Call the Devil for what he is. He is a liar and the father of lies. We are told to "Make no room for the Devil." Farmers chase away the crows. If we allow the evil even one inch he will take the whole garden. Satan has no power over the believer except that which we give him. (Ja. 4:7; 1Cor 10:13).

2. We Must Recognize the Devil. We must live by Faith and not by Sight. Things are not always what they appear (2 Cor.11:14). Satan appeared to be friendly, concerned for Eve's welfare and happiness. She was deceived (1Tim. 2:14). Satan still employs subtle deception (Deut. 11:16; Gal. 6:7;Eph. 414; 2Tim 3:13; 2Jn 7; Rev. 12:9;Rev. 19:20). Satan is the original con-artist, his advertisements and claims are spectacular but he only wants to dislodge you from your happy faith in God. Sin is always "pleasant to the eyes" (3:6). Satan always makes sin look good. Because he is a master at masquerade we must not trust our eyes alone. We must live by faith (Heb.11:1; 1Pet. 1:8; 2Cor. 5:7).

3. We Must Reverence the LORD. We need to respect and honor the authority or the God's Word. Satan and the world are disrespectful and dishonoring to God. Appearing to be religious, Satan subtly trims the truth. He leaves out the word "LORD." Many church members do the same today. (Rom 10:9-10; Lk. 6:46).

4. We Must Confess our Sin. Do not Cover your sin, confess it. We need to accept responsibility for the sin in our own life. We are now all, by nature, sinners. All humanity continues to practice, believe, and perpetuate the lie. (Jer. 17:9; Jn 8:44; Phil. 4:8; Rom. 3:4;Rev. 21:8). "What is it that thou hast done?" (3:13).

5. We Must Believe God. Sin brought death. Sin brought guilt, fear, shame, estrangement from God, enmity between man and woman, judgment, condemnation, separation, expulsion from Eden, suffering, sorrow in child birth, a curse, thorns, hard labor, dying and death. Now man is acquainted with evil.

6. We Must Accept God's Only Remedy. That remedy is sacrificial death of the Lord Jesus Christ. God shed blood to make coats, which suggests the need for sacrifice. Without the shedding of blood there is no remission (Heb.9:22; Rom. 5:19).

7. We Must Repent and Believe. Look around at all the awful consequences of sin. Don't continue to believe the one Jesus calls the liar. Instead, put your faith in the one who is called the truth. Trust Him today. (Rom 3:23; Acts 20:21; Jn 6:14)

We don't know if the fruit was an apple.
What we do know is that we can't blame anyone or any thing except ourselves for sin.