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the Right Answer

"...who art thou, Lord?" (Acts 9:5)

he answer to this question is important.  Faith finds the answer and grace at the feet of the living Word. Faith often begins in the dust of some Damascus road. It is born with the awareness of who God is, and who God is, is breathtaking.  Who God is, is so awesome and bottomless, so vast that it causes us to bow our heads in humility. Who God is, is important.  God is also intangible, invisible, and immortal.  Too large for mortal minds to fully grasp or appreciate, man turns to religion in an attempt to satisfy his need to explain things.   Religion attempts to answer the question of: Who is God?   Religion spins and revolves around the answer to this question like planets turning in space.  Religion  (these religious solar systems), attempt to map the moral universe and put our life in order. Why are there so many religions?  It is because religion is unfortunately some “wrong answer” to this, life’s most important question.  The world is filled with these “wrong answers” variously named.  So many have attempted to explain this someone (or something) that is so large and ethereal, so mysterious and majestic that religion has become a bazaar, and a big business.  A wrong answer to the “Who is God?” question has filled the world with many other errors, to say nothing of many religious wars and terrors.

The answer to the question asked on the Damascus Road, “Who art thou, Lord?” changed everything for Saul of Tarsus.  “I am Jesus,” came the reply.  If Saul was wrong about Jesus (and he was) then everything was wrong.  He was going down the wrong road for the wrong reason, and he had made a great mistake.  If Jesus Christ was not dead, if He had indeed arisen on the third day (as He said He would), then He is the answer to life’s most important question.   Then He is the solution to life’s greatest problems.  If He was indeed resurrected and triumphant over the cross, death and the grave, then let every creature hear what He has to say.  Listen to every single word he ever uttered.  He said, “I am Jesus.”   If Jesus Christ is who He claims to be, then let every man kneel in the dust of the Damascus Road along with Saul, and bow their head in worship.  Jesus Christ is the Word of God incarnate.  Faith is born at the feet of God's Word.  His eternal words are recorded in the inspired Word, the Bible.  Through it we hear Him.  “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.”  What is the answer to life’s most important question?  In a word: Jesus.