Fulan Gong


I remember when the G.E. plant closed in upstate NY 1970’s.  I was told “They were building  another plant in Mexico.”  Two jobs disappeared from the radar screen and even I would not have noticed were it not for the fact that those two “blips of light” were my Aunt and Uncle.  Those blips were reason to get up in the morning and do an honest days work for a decent day’s  pay. 


Now, so many lights have gone off the economic radar screen that, even the financial traffic controllers are alarmed.  We are in the “fastest growing economy” and in the middle of  “business boom” we are told, and things have “never been better.”  I think America, as we knew it, is “taking on water” and “listing.”    Most of those in steerage have not noticed that those in “first class” have not only abandoned ship long ago when they began investing in a borderless and global economy, they have taken all the life boats with them. 


When you make transformers for power companies, you make a product you can feel, sell, pack, ship.  Today what the successful people make is “money.”  Nothing else really matters.  If crude oil goes to $100 a barrel, not to worry, the wealthy have already invested in oil futures, and bought stock in Exxon.  The CEO’s can retire on their $400 million retirement package and there will always be plenty of hungry people who will “beg” to cut their grass, or clean their toilets.  For those in First Class, “life is good.”  Even a depression is not so bad, because a lot of property will go up for sale at bargain basement prices.


Jesus said the “Love of money is the root of all evil.”  If there seems to be and excessive amount of “evil” running around these days, it is because people still love money.  Castro, the Communist dictator, did not get any invitations to the White House lately.  President Hu, the head of the world’s largest atheistic communist government, is embraced. It’s about the money.   Hecklers beware.   The hypocrisy of it all is a scandal. 


It has been a long time since I read Animal Farm, but I still remember my disgust at the betrayal by the pigs.  Every four years the big wigs will wax eloquent and try to get the people in steerage to vote for them.  Millions will fill the feeding troughs of politics.  Many will attempt to tap their constituents and the mailing lists of the Christian coalitions will be dusted off once again.


When factories closed, our government declared that hamburger flipping was now an industrial job.  It is going to be hard for our hamburger flippers to drive back and forth to work when gas goes to $4.00 a gallon. 


The Hebrew prophets would often denounce Kings for making alliances with the godless nations. I hear none of that today.   A lone, brave (or crazy) woman dared to defend her belief in Fulan Gong.  She is a believer in a false religion. However being a follower of Fulan Gong is no worse than being a member of the Fooled and Gone.   America has lost her way.  She is following the false prophets and the false profits.  Many years ago Jesus asked “What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul, and what will a man give in exchange for his soul?”  


America is not seen in Bible Prophecy, if it is, perhaps it is in the parable of the Rich fool who was dreaming of bigger barns.  America might share his fate, and one day be just another  Fool and Gone.