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2Chron. 36:23


he word “Aliyah” is used to describe a return of the diaspora, a return of God’s people to the Holy Land. Literally, it is Hebrew meaning “going up.” Spiritually speaking, worship is “going up.” It is not coincidental or incidental that Christ celebrated the Last Supper and instituted the Lord’s Supper in an Upper Room. It was also no accident that the church was, christened (if not born) in an Upper Room. It was there she received the Promise and the Power as recorded in the Book of Acts which describes the fire that fell and sacred shower. “Going up?” When the Queen of Sheba saw the “ascent” of Solomon’s Temple it took her breath away. There is nothing higher on earth than worship. While humility is the default position of faith (God gives grace to the humble and lowly), in worship we are given wings and there our spirit sings, and come what may, we know the way and the peace and joy that worship brings. Remember the prodigal who said, “I will arise and go to my Father. -id