God is the great Multi-tasked One and the Almighty. Some of us have trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time. Others can juggle chain saws as they stand on a rolling balance board. God, on the other hand, tends to a zillion tasks at once: from controlling the nuclear fusion on a distant sun (that no man has discovered yet), to the birth of a pearl beneath the coral reef. He is there when every baby takes its first breath, and He never misses a funeral. He attends every bar Mitzvah, is at every wedding, and has all the time in the world to listen to our hopes and dreams. He is a witness to every promise and contract, and looks down on every divorce. He counts the tears of every broken heart and has time to listen to every child say their prays before bed. He hears our shouts of praise and our cries of desperation simultaneously. He is touched with the feeling of our infirmities and tends to us like a shepherd does his sheep. He holds the hand of a frightened Arab mother, and puts His hand on the shoulder of every mourning Jew. God is here, He is there and is everywhere at once. He is according to the Psalmist in the grave and in every grave situation.

God can do this because God is Spirit. While we may see one, two or three sides of a cube or problem, God sees every side at once. He also sees the inside of the box that is closed to us. This is comforting. Godís omnipresence explains, to my satisfaction, the God of all-comfort. God is not like some harried air-traffic controller trying to keep a hundred planes on time or from colliding. He is in the plane, on the plane, above and below the plane. He is in every heart (although only faith will find Him there).

This is not to say, that we are not sinners, nor that we will sense or know His presence should He not reveal Himself. This is not to say that He has not chosen certain conditions to what He Himself calls salvation. What it does mean, is that we would all live differently and better if we knew, He never takes His eyes off us. God is a full time God. There is no "swing shift" for the Sacred One. He is never "off duty" and He stays up all night while we yet sleep. If I had only known this sooner, I might have been a "Saint." I must however settle for being a "Sinner," and a chief of sinners at that. Yet even with my worst failures, disappointing efforts, under-achievements, and missed free-throws, I know God is with me through this thing called life- in thick and thin. And even if I "foul-out" early and sit on the bench for the rest of the game- it is enough to be in the arena and know that the God who loves me (and you) is there and here.