My Quantum Theory

According to the Theory of Relativity, the universe as we know it began when it suddenly emerged as a microscopic speck called a "singularity" at a point of Zero time and at the temperature of 1,000 billion degrees Kelvin. In one tenth of a second after Zero the universe cooled down to 30 billion degrees, and it took 300,000 years for the universe to cool even more to 6000 degrees. Particles and antiparticles eventually cooled and slowed down enough to form matter. This hypothesis causes my own brain to hurt and overheat as it throws of particles of anti-matter, commonly known to some as stupidity, and makes me want to crawl into a black hole somewhere. Such is the theory as explained to me by enthusiastic evolutionists.

As if that is not enough (speaking of black holes), there is the theory of Quantum Mechanics that makes my eyes cross and glaze over. It among other things tries to explain what happens to a star (matter) when it implodes and is sucked into itself and down some drainpipe in space or anti-space. Perhaps someone will write one of those books called Quantum Gravity for Dummies. I will try to read it. However, I would rather read my Bible. Contrary to the opinion of some, itís not just for Dummies.

Not everyone who reads it belongs to the Flat Earth Society. Systematic Theology is not Rocket Science, but it is close. One science is trying to explain matter and the other is trying to explain what matters. What good is it if I discover one and not the other? Some things donít matter. Some do. For some strange reason people give an inordinate amount attention and time to material things which are really immaterial. It is not important whether we came in with a big "bang," or we go out with a "bang." What is important is that while we are here we do something that matters. Sorting out what matters and what doesnít is of the utmost importance. How we live matters more than where we live. What we give matters more than what we get. What we do matters more than what we know. How we treat people matters more than how they treat us. What we are matters more than what we were. Where we are going matters more than where weíve been. Faith, hope and love matters more than the molecules of an atomic mass. What matters, whether you are a Saint or Scientist, is are you moving to or away from the light. I believe, with every atom of my being, that God is light. I also believe that both the laws of faith and the laws of physics will bring us all to the same place on a judgment day when all will have to answer the question "Did you love the Light, and did you do what matters?"