James Brown died on December 25th.  Gerald Ford died on December 26th. Saddam Hussein died on December 30th.  Saddam  was buried, according to Islamic custom,  within twenty four hours of his death.  It took eight days to bury Former President Gerald Ford.  James Brown is still waiting for someone to bury him.  We followed President Ford’s coffin from one side of America to the other, gave untold number of twenty-one gun salutes, eulogies, speeches, ruffles and flourishes.  Eight days?  The world was created in six.  Then there is the king of Funk, Rap, and Hip-hop, still (I assume) in his 24k gold casket waiting for the lawyers and offspring to decide what to do with him, but more importantly, what to do with his stuff.   I think the Jews and Muslims have it right.  Twenty-four hours, that’s it.  President Ford was famous for hitting spectators when playing golf. I don’t know if he ever had a “hole in one.” But how hard should it be, at the end of life, to get a “one in hole?” 

God did not make us for a hole in the ground.  He made us for heaven.  What we do here will determine what we do in here-after.  More importantly,  what we do with Jesus will determine what God does with us at the end of the journey.