Take the Fifth


The Fifth Command is the first commandment of promise.  What does that mean?  Well, the First commandment is about reverence, all the others are about respect.  The First is the Locomotive and Steam Engine, the others are the railroad cars.  The Caboose is the one about covetousness. It is in the end and where the crew sleeps.   The First is about where we are going.  It is true that the first tablet of the ten is about our relationship to God,  and the second tablet given to Moses is about our relationship with people.   The first part speaks of our faith and the substance of things hoped for, while the latter is the evidence of things not seen; the proof of the pudding, if you will.  It is the Fifth however, is one of the most telling. 

We get to choose how we worship.   We get to choose what we want.  We can choose to steal, or kill or lie, or not go to church on Sunday.  We do not get to choose who are parents were.  God chooses that for us.  It is a God directive.  We may consider ourselves fortunate or unfortunate to be given the parents we have or had.  Regardless, of all things in life this is really the only God directive.  This is something God picked out for us. 

My wife Ivete is off again to see her aging parents in Brazil. She sends them money every month.   Mine are both buried in Iceland.  Of all the things in the universe, nothing is of more Intelligently  Designed, than the miracle of our presence here as the result of some Divine appointment and what the Bible calls “the time of life.”  -id