Cross Walk


He came to be a witness to the Truth and to do the Father’s will. His meat, the will of Him Who sent Him, His wishes to fulfill.  To do what is impossible by fallen flesh of men, but through submission and obedience to demonstrate what can by faith and grace be done. To turn the other cheek, to love the enemy that hates you, to endure rejection, mocks, and ridicule, as a godless world inspects you.  To bow before the greater plan, and show the greater good.  For God, Himself to become a man, to be misunderstood. And to the cross so awful, and against each ounce of flesh, embraced for one thing only, the Father’s will is best. “Not my will, but Thine be done” Christ prayed as if to say to all the world who watched Him- God’s will: the only way.  And to the cross He calls us, to die with Him in dust, and with the Second Adam arise  justified and just.  -id