Am Nasty



When it comes to Amnesty things can get down-right nasty.  Only a Solomon could solve the immigration/security conundrum.  America is being cut in half by this divisive issue .  The “illegals” are those who come illegally.  They are also those who hire them.  Capitalism is addicted to cheap labor.  Cotton picking begged for slaves.  An attempt to limit the number of slave states in the Union, threatened  the “institution,” and caused the Civil War.   

Today, there are twenty million “near-slaves” washing dishes, cutting grass, and burping babies.  It’s the Am-nasty truth.  These illegals don’t abort their babies like we do (that’s another Am-nasty truth).  That’s why there are so many of them down at the Wall-Mart.  The truth is, they are no better or worse than we are.  They are just more hungry.  Pound for pound, the hungriest heavyweight wins the bout.  No wall is going to stop desperation.  Turning America into a Gestapo –style state, where people are asked to “show their papers” is equally distasteful.

Jesus could solve our problems.  Only He knows how to mix just the right amount of law and grace.  He would know how much mercy to add to truth.  He is wiser than Solomon and could cut this Gordian knot.  Unfortunately, America is in a rat race with all the other rats.  Democrats, autocrats, plutocrats, technocrats, and bureaucrats.

There is a better state than the United States,  God’s Kingdom.  It is a spiritual place.  I did not sneak into God’s  Kingdom.  I came through the door.  As unworthy as I am, did not try to enter by hiding among the portage of a shipping container.  The door is Jesus.  While this divine portal is wide enough for the whole world, it’s low enough so every man must stoop or bow their head to enter in.  What will it profit a man if he gain [American Citizenship] only to die and lose his own soul. 

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these [other ] things will be added unto you.”  How did America get in such a mess?  We forgot about the Kingdom of God and were so busy chasing after the [other] things,  that we may now end up with nothing.                              -id