Act Two

The Anointed Church (v.4)



Anointed Church (v.4)

If we are appointed we will be anointed. When God places an order, He gladly pays the bill. There was a time when the church was “all with one accord and in one place.” The “default” position of the church was one of unity. The opposite of accord is “discord.” It is important that when we gather in one place we are in one accord.

The Holy Spirit is the only one who can “tune our hearts to sing His grace.” Suddenly a sound came from heaven (2:2). Earthly tuning forks will not do. We must hear the sound that comes from heaven. Different groups, camps, sects have their own tuning forks. When they “pitch” the music it is always somewhat “off key” and less than God intended it to be.

A church that must face a hostile world must be anointed. It must be filled by the Holy Spirit. Some think the Holy Spirit will live in any heart. Think again. God gives grace to the humble.

The anointed church spilled out into the street (the anointing is for a purpose) and the believers began, with great boldness to “speak.” Here the church has been fascinated by the “tongues.” The tongue is never more important than the words. While there were many tongues there was one word. “We do hear them speak in our tongues the wonderful works of God.” The miracle is never more important than the message.

If our preaching, testifying, witnessing is to have any effect on the hearers it must be anointed. It must speak, not of our works, but of the works of God. It must not speak of “us,” but of Him. It must be aimed at men’s “hearts” (v. 37) as much as their heads. Should it find a humble, broken heart, the same Holy Spirit that anointed the preaching will do the reaching and God will get all the glory.

Did you speak to some lost sinner about the “wonderful works of God” today? How about yesterday? A New Testament Church have a vision, but it also has a voice.